Schedule Changes


Use MyNIU to make changes to your schedule prior to the add/drop deadline.

Please Note: After the established drop deadlines, all course load reductions become withdrawals, with the exception of last-half-session courses. Undergraduate student requests to withdraw from a course after the drop deadline must be initiated and processed through their major college office. Graduate students and students-at-large who wish to withdraw from a course after the drop deadline must complete a "Withdrawal/Add Form" (available in the various academic departments) and submit it to the Graduate School in Williston Hall 100.

Use MyNIU to replace/swap one class with another class without losing the class that is currently on your schedule.

Undergraduate students can drop to zero hours through the first week of classes.

Graduate students and students-at-large can use MyNIU to drop to zero hours before the drop deadline.

Your most up-to-date class schedule is always available through MyNIU.

Other Important Registration Information

Northern Illinois University makes every effort to offer courses that will meet the needs of our students. However, the university reserves the right to cancel any section of any course.

The maximum number of credit hours an undergraduate may register for in a semester is 18 hours for fall and spring semesters and nine hours for summer. Carrying more than 18 hours per semester (or nine hours during the summer) is known as an overload. Students who wish to take more than the recommended 18 hours must obtain and complete an overload permit. Undergraduate students may request an overload permit from their major college. The college office should enter the overload permit directly into the system.

The maximum number of credit hours a graduate student or student-at-large may register for in a semester without an overload permit, including audit hours, is 12 for the fall and spring semesters and 9 for the summer. Graduate students in a degree program who wish to enroll in more than 12 hours during the fall or spring semesters (or 9 hours during the summer) must obtain prior approval from the student's major department. Students-at-large, or graduate students not in a degree program, must obtain written approval from the office of the dean of the Graduate School.


Allows you to register for and attend a class regularly without receiving credit. (No grade points or credit hours are granted for audited courses.) If you wish to audit a course, you must obtain permission from the course instructor and register at the department.

Regular Grading

Allows you to take courses for a letter grade (A, B, C, S, U, etc.). Unless another grade option is designated, regular grading is assigned to a course.

When you enroll in a course that you have taken previously, MyNIU will automatically designate that course as a repeat according to the repeat policies as stated in the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs.

You may not register for two courses meeting at the same time or for courses with overlapping meeting times. If you want to take two courses offered at overlapping times, you must receive instructor approval for the courses involved and have each department enroll you in the course. Graduate students and students-at-large need letters from each professor and must also receive approval from the dean of the Graduate School.

Courses designated in the schedule of classes with “VAR HRS” listed as the credit hours are offered for a variable number of credit hours. Before you register or change the number of credit hours for a variable credit hours course, you should consult with the department to determine the appropriate number of credit hours. When adding a variable credit hours course using MyNIU you must enter the number of credit hours you wish to take, within a designated range.

If you have any questions about making changes to your schedule, please feel free to check MyNIU Training.