Grade Information for Faculty

Grade Submission for Faculty

Final grades – Spring 2024

  • Dynamic session courses grade rosters will be generated one business day after the class end date (note: those that end within 10 days of the semester end will be generated along with the full semester classes).
  • First-half session class grade rosters will be generated on Monday, March 11, 2024.
  • Second-half session and Full session class grade rosters will be generated on Friday, May 3, 2024.

These are the dates that the grade roster icon will appear in the Faculty Center. Please do not confuse this with the grade book icon which is not used.

Spring 2024 final grade submission is due no later than Monday, May 13, 2024 at noon. Please see the links below for more specific information on the submission of final grades.

Please be advised that your college may have an earlier deadline in order to ensure these grades are received in a timely manner.

It is important to receive all grades by this deadline date as many students request various types of documentation from the Office of Registration and Records immediately at the end of the semester and/or degree conferral. These requests include official transcripts, degree certifications, letters of good standing, etc. Students request these documents with the understanding that they are inclusive of the student’s academic achievement from all of their classes from the spring 2024 semester.

View grade rosters information.

Entering Grades in MyNIU (PDF).

Submitting final grades to MyNIU via Blackboard Grade Submission Tool.

If grades are not posted on the roster by the deadline, the instructor must submit the change/add grade form in MyNIU for each student in the class, with department chair approval required for each submission.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Office of Registration and Records at or 815-753-0681

Grade Information for Faculty

Grade Change or Add Information
Change of Grade or Add Request for Undergraduate and Graduate Courses


Change of grade requests should be submitted electronically via MyNIU

  1. Log in and click the "my forms" tile
  2. Fill out a new form and select the "change of grade" form

Please review the grade instructions (PDF) for more information.

This form will work for current semester classes as well as the three previous graded semesters. 

Grade change requests outside the normal time limits: Additional approval must be obtained and rationale provided to explain the delay in submitting the request. Approval is not guaranteed.

  1. To request a grade change older than three semesters, use the fillable PDF and obtain approvals from the chair of the course offering department and the associate dean of the college.
  2. Once the necessary approvals are obtained, this form will need to be emailed to Registration and Records ( or the Graduate School ( for input of the change of grade.