Apply to Graduate


You'll apply for graduation during the semester in which you register for your final term. You should meet with your advisor to determine that you're registering for the correct courses. You and your advisor must be certain that your file in Registration and Records is complete and accurate with all documents (transcripts, grade changes, substitutions, adviser approval letters) and information necessary for graduation. Please carefully review your Academic Advising Report for accuracy. It's your responsibility to contact your advisor with any questions regarding discrepancies that appear on this report. You may view your Academic Advising Report through MyNIU.


  1. Login to MyNIU.
  2. Click on the MyNIU Self Service Quick Links tile.
  3. After the MyNIU Classic Student Center page loads, click the 'other academics' drop-down and select Apply for Graduation.
  4. Click the Go button (>>).
  5. Click the Apply for Graduation link next to your degree information.
  6. Select the appropriate graduation term and click Continue.
  7. Review. If the information is correct, click Submit Application, otherwise, select a different program or term and repeat steps.

You must have at least 90 total semester hours to apply for graduation. There is a one-time fee per degree. After completing the graduation application process in MyNIU, this fee will automatically be charged to your student account. The fee is $29 for undergraduate students and $35 for graduate students.


You may only apply for graduation during the dates listed below. Absolutely no late applications will be accepted.

  • May/spring 2023 graduation: apply August 1, 2022 – February 1, 2023
  • August/summer 2023 graduation: apply August 1, 2022 – June 15, 2023
  • December/fall 2022 graduation: apply March 1, 2022 - September 1, 2022

Note: NIU does not hold a commencement ceremony in August. If you are an August graduate, you will automatically be invited to attend the December commencement ceremony. August candidates who wish to participate in the May commencement ceremony must apply for August graduation by February 1 (undergraduate students only).

If you wish to change your graduation date, you may do so in-person at Williston Hall, room 220, or email

Graduate students: Please fill out online deferment form on the Graduation Deferment website.

There is no additional charge to change your graduation date. If in doubt, apply early and change the date later if necessary.

Questions? Email one of the following offices:

Undergraduate students:
Graduate students:

If you have chosen to restrict the release of your name in your privacy settings (FERPA) in MyNIU, your name will not be published or appear in the commencement program. The deadline to make changes to your privacy settings is the same as the graduation application deadline each semester.

Further correspondence regarding your eligibility towards graduation may come to your ZID email account from your department, college office or Registration and Records. If you are not going to complete all of your requirements during the term for which you have applied, you must change your date in Registration and Records by the deadlines listed above or no later than 30 days into the following semester.

The final graduation check determines if you have met the requirements for your degree and if you are eligible for a degree with distinction. This process begins as soon as grades are processed and is generally completed within 14 days after the official graduation date. During those 14 days, your file must be completed with all documents required to complete your degree.

If you're unable to resolve a deficiency within this 14-day period, please advise Registration and Records immediately of your new graduation date. The deadline to change a previous graduation date is 30 days into the following semester. It's your responsibility to notify Registration and Records in writing of your next intended graduation date.

Upon such notification, Registration and Records and your college office will review your academic record again at that time. An additional fee is not required.

Your diploma will be sent to the permanent address Registration and Records has on file if you are currently enrolled at NIU. If you need to change your address, please go to MyNIU. If you're not currently enrolled at NIU, contact Registration and Records at 815-753-0681 or to change your address. Diplomas are sent to your permanent address four to six weeks after the end of the term. You may verify the date your diploma was mailed through the Michael Sutter website.

For more information about the commencement ceremony, please visit the Convocation Center website.

Read FAQs about graduation.