Reverse Transfer Credit Policy

Reverse Transfer is a program designed for students who transferred from any Illinois community college to NIU without earning their associate's degree. Credits successfully completed at NIU may be transferred back to the community college and used to fulfill the remaining requirements for their associate's degree. The community college will evaluate the NIU work and determine if credits taken at NIU will fulfill any remaining requirements. A student who has attended any Illinois community college is eligible to take advantage of this policy. If you are interested in participating in this initiative, view the Reverse Transfer Agreement Form (PDF) for more information.

Effective December 2019, the joint rules of the Board of Higher Education and Illinois Community College Board: rules on the reverse transfer of credit establishes these types of agreements with
all community colleges in the state of Illinois. This process will be in compliance with (110 ILCS 150/) Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act.

An associate's degree is an important milestone in your education as well as a valuable credential to have on your resume. Employers value the associate's degree as evidence of your commitment to expanding your knowledge and achieving your educational goals. The associate's degree can make a difference in your long-term success in several ways:

  • It can open the door to better job opportunities, even while you're still working on your bachelor's degree.
  • It is the nation's fastest-growing academic credential and employers recognize its value when recruiting and hiring.

If you transferred to Northern Illinois University from a community college without completing all the requirements for your associate's degree it may be possible to complete the credits you need using Northern Illinois University courses by reverse transferring your NIU credits to your community college.

The reverse transfer of credit option is available to any student who is currently enrolled and taking classes at Northern Illinois University and has earned:

  • At least 15 hours of transferable coursework at any Illinois community college.
  • A cumulative total of at least 60 transferrable credit hours, between the Illinois community college and NIU, while satisfying the course requirements necessary to be awarded an associate degree at the Illinois community college.

A Reverse Transfer Agreement may be submitted toward the end of a transferring student’s first semester at Northern Illinois University.

All individuals wishing to participate in reverse transfer are required to complete a Reverse Transfer Agreement to the program. By doing so, the individual agrees to the exchange of transcript information between Northern Illinois University and the Illinois community college the student is declaring for the awarding of their associate degree. If you are interested in participating in this initiative or have any additional questions, please contact or 815-753-0681. To participate, please use the Reverse Transfer Agreement Form (PDF).